• Alida Bremer

    Alida Bremer

    literary scholar

Tübingen Poetry Lectureship 2022

The 35th Tübingen Poetry Lectureship will take place from 13-18 November 2022. The University of Tübingen is pleased to welcome Ingo Schulze and Dževad Karahasan - together with Alida Bremer and Naser Šečerović - as guests in Tübingen this year!

Short portrait: Alida Bremer, born in Split/Croatia in 1959, lives in Münster as a freelance author and translator. She studied Comparative Literature, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies and German Studies in Belgrade/Serbia, Rome/Italy, Münster and Saarbrücken and earned her doctorate in Comparative Literature at the University of Saarbrücken. She has worked as a literary scholar, juror, curator and interpreter and has received numerous scholarships and awards for her publications as a writer - Oliva's Garden (2013/2017) and Dreams and Scenes (2021) - and translator from Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian, including Ivana Sajko, Edo Popović, Iva Brdar and Delimir Rešicki - among others, the 2018 International Literature Award of the House of World Cultures for contemporary literature in her translations..

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